Web designer/developer wanted!

I’m looking for somebody to completely redesign the website, with three key elements in mind:

  • Creativity – There are a lot of football websites around, and most of them look the same. The website is all about unique and inspiring support, so the appearance should be the same. Perhaps the menu options can be written on flares which ignite when clicked, or the different countries represented by ultra style flags…these are just early ideas – I’m sure something better is possible!
  • Easy navigation – Even if I do say so myself, I believe strongly that the website has strong content. However, I do not make it easy enough for people to reach it, and the site should be a lot easier to get around.
  • Easy for me to use – As you can probably tell from browsing the site, I am a writer and certainly not a developer. I have a strong knowledge of WordPress, and would strongly prefer to continue using this rather than having to learn another system.

I do freelance work myself, so rest assured I am not going to rip you off when it comes to payment! However, please also keep in mind that I run and fund this website myself without any additional investment, and cannot afford to pay the amount that a large business could do. In addition to paying you for your time and creativity, I can also deal with premium themes and any other expenses that you may have to produce the best possible results.

In addition to payment, you will also have complete creative freedom, and the chance to show your work to the world. The website has been visited from over 180 countries, and will reach 1,000,000 unique visits by the end of 2015, a very nice thing to have on your CV – unless you are applying for a job with Ajax or Red Bull Salzburg!

If you would like to take on the task of transforming Supporters Not Customers into something beautiful, please send the following to BenDudley010@gmail.com:

  • A quick description of why you would like to work on the website. Are you a frequent reader, or a lover of football culture?
  • An example of your work that I can browse.
  • A rough price estimate – this does not have to be exact, just a general idea is required.

I will make a decision on Saturday 24th January, so please do not get offended if I do not respond to you before then!


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