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“Soldiers should get footballers wages”

A look inside an alternative future where the demands of a million Facebook morons become reality and soldiers are given the same wages as footballers.

Best fans of 2013

The very best fans I witnessed in 2013.

Wembley without a ticket?

After refusing to pay £2,000 for a ticket to the Champions League Final, I decided to see how far I could get with a £3 stewards jacket from Ebay, a couple of beers and a bit of reckless optimism.

R.I.P Rooie Marck

The story of the touching tribute paid to Rooie Marck by Feyenoord supporters at the start of the 2013/14 season. Rooie was a terrace legend at the club, and one who will never be forgotten.

The Welsh Wimbledon – the birth of Barry Town United

The full story of how Barry Town United came to be, as the team who once dominated Welsh football and defeated Porto in the Champions League faced extinction.

Against Red Bull Football

Why the menace that is Red Bull needs to be eradicated from football forever, before it’s too late.

Premier League vs. Bundesliga – the facts

A look at the REAL differences between English and German football, away from the hyperbole of social media.

How Barcelona became just a club

The story of how Barcelona sold their soul and gave up the right to call themselves ‘more than a club’.

Phoenix football

AFC Wimbledon are not the only club to rise from the ashes and return to glory, it is a story replicated by many inspirational football supporters all over the world.

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