A day with ‘Dirty Leeds’

I used to hate Leeds United.

I’d gleefully join in with ‘We all hate Leeds scum’ chants and sing about how they weren’t famous anymore. If there was no derby game that season it would be the first fixture I looked for and would anticipate it like a cup game.

Then I grew up a bit. I went to Leeds University for three years and saw how passionate the city is about their local team. In most cities without a team in the top flight you are just as likely to see people in Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea shirts than whoever the local team may be, but it couldn’t be further from the truth in Leeds. If you’re from Leeds, you support Leeds United – end of story. I can’t imagine what the punishment is for someone from Leeds supporting Manchester United, but I imagine it involves some kind of public stoning before being beheaded by Lucas Radebe.

As I developed a more reasoned outlook on football I began to wonder why just so many teams hate Leeds United with such a passion. Their location means they have a higher number of geographical rivals than most, but this doesn’t explain why football grounds around the UK reverberate to the tune of ‘We all hate Leeds scum’ from supporters of clubs that Leeds couldn’t care less about. From what I understand from my experience of Leeds fans (and feel free to correct me in the comments if I’m wrong), they hate Manchester United, Galatasaray and Chelsea, dislike Sheffield Wednesday and couldn’t really care less about anybody else. So why do they anger the footballing public so much?

The answer for the older generation is presumably the fact they used to be good. Really good. During the 60’s and 70’s they won several domestic trophies and deserved to win the European Cup, denied only by some ‘interesting’ referee decisions in favour of Bayern Munich. However, the last time Leeds won a trophy was 1992 and they were relegated from the Premier League in 2004, even dropping as low as the third tier for a short time. So if jealousy isn’t the reason for the widespread Leeds hatred, what is? I joined 7000 or so Leeds fans at Blackburn Rovers to see if they deserved the title of ‘Dirty Leeds’.

As soon as I arrived in Blackburn you could tell that this was more than an away day, this was more like an invasion. The streets of Blackburn were absolutely filled with Leeds fans, with a large section of them heading to the Postal Order pub. This was the place to be for the next hour, as the visitors from Yorkshire produced a fantastic atmosphere inside the local Wetherspoons, better than most teams can create inside a stadium. The only people inside the pub not having a great time were the overworked bar staff and the couple who had chosen spectacularly poorly when picking a venue for their first date. Safe to say they didn’t stay very long, and date number two doesn’t seem particularly likely.

Two large tables turned into a stage, with the Leeds fans taking it in turns to play the part of conductor. “On the table for the lads” would be chanted at the individual of choice, who would then climb up onto the table and start a song, or be booed mercilessly if they refused. One particular visitor whose size would probably most politely be described as ‘Extra Extra Large’ was encouraged onto the table a number of times, refusing each time until he was bought two pints. After downing them both in one go, he took a run up, sped towards the table with determination, leapt through the air like a salmon and…made it about six inches off the ground, crashing into the table and falling on the floor. They didn’t ask him again after that.


Table dancing Leeds fans

While the away support did have plenty of humour, there was also a touching side to a number of their chants, paying tribute to Richard Ismail, known as ‘Moody’ to Leeds fans. Moody was a lifelong Leeds fan who recently passed away after spending over a year in hospital following an assault in Sheffield. “We’re all Moody aren’t we” was chanted throughout the afternoon, with the same phrase written on a flag displayed proudly at Ewood Park.

As the visitors got drunker and drunker, the chanting got wilder and wilder. Starting at “Number one is Michael Brown”, they made it all the way to “and 100, is Michael Brown” before insisting that they all dreamed of a team of Michael Browns. I’ve seen him play, and one Michael Brown is bad enough, never mind an army of them. It was at this point that things got a little out of hand, as the Leeds fans chanted “Let’s pretend we scored a goal”, counted down from ten and then went absolutely mental. Beer flew through the air, tables were overturned and pint glasses were smashed. The pub decided that it was probably time to close and the bell for time at the bar was rung at about 1:45pm. As fans filed out towards the ground or a different bar, it looked like a bomb had gone off. In fairness, many Leeds fans apologised for the damage and helped to turn the tables back over before they left.

Normally in my reports I would spend a great deal of time writing about the game itself, but honestly, it was just awful. Not so long ago Leeds and Blackburn had wonderful sides which would have made this fixture a joy to watch, but these days have gone due to the curse of the modern-day football club owner. The Venky’s have run Blackburn into the ground, while a combination of Peter Ridsdale and Ken Bates have done their best to kill off Leeds United.

Leeds had one chance of note, a beautiful flick from Ross McCormack setting up Danny Pugh who looked certain to score – only denied by a wonderful save by Blackburn’s Kean (not that one). Blackburn had a few more opportunities, forcing Paddy Kenny into making some good saves, but in all honesty it was a game worthy of being 0 – 0, and that would have been generous. The winner came just before half time, Tommy Spurr sweeping the ball into the net from a corner after some lacklustre defending.

The real story of the day was the Leeds fans. More than a third of those in attendance were from the away side, and they were also responsible for 95% of the noise. A small pocket of Blackburn fans to the right of the away end did their best to create an atmosphere, but attempting to take on 7000 Leeds supporters in an atmosphere contest is like attempting to storm a US military base with a plastic spoon, you’re not going to get anywhere. There were effectively four away ends, with the Yorkshire side bringing so many fans that they had taken up the entire stand, usually segregated to contain both home and away fans.


They sung and supported the team for 90 minutes, and didn’t do anything worthy of the ‘Dirty Leeds’ label as far as I could see. I was starting to realise that the reason so many people hate Leeds is because they aren’t Leeds. Leeds United are a reminder of how good English football used to be and the atmosphere which made the country the envy of Europe. These days are long gone, surpassed by Germany, Poland, the Balkans and many more, but the passion of Leeds United remains. When you watch a Leeds game, you don’t feel as though you are in the stale and sanitised world of English football. It almost feels as though a Leeds United away end belongs in a museum, a reminder to fans within England that watching football is something to be enjoyed, rather than endured.

Now, these Leeds fan are by no means perfect, the destruction of the pub was uncalled for and some of the chants about Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones were tasteless at best, but arguably no worse than the kind of thing you’d hear at countless other grounds around the country on a Saturday afternoon.

I think far too many people fall into the trap of hating Leeds because that is what they are told they should do. Leeds fans have continued to show fantastic loyalty to their club, despite the fact they have suffered an even more spectacular fall from grace than Miley Cyrus. I have no doubts that the Leeds team of the past was well worthy of hatred, and in the old days of hooliganism being rife across England the damage done by their fans to various cities and towns is well-known. However these days are long gone, and hating Leeds United is now a fashion statement for most, rather than anything tangible.

One incident long after the game had finished demonstrated the commendable attitude that Leeds fans have to supporting their team, despite the fact that they are, more often than not, terrible at the actual football side of things. I was amongst 300 or so Leeds fans waiting at Mill Hill station, waiting for a connection back to Blackburn Central to head home. First of all a train arrived on the opposite side of the station, heading towards Preston. Several of the more drunk Leeds fans got on this service anyway, despite the fact it was heading in completely the wrong direction. Those who remained on the platform began doing the conga up and down the outside of the train, singing “do do do, you’re getting on the wrong train!” This was followed by a reworking of their earlier chant, as they bellowed “Let’s pretend our trains arrived”, counting down from ten and leaping around the platform like they’d just won the European Cup.

So, why exactly do you hate Leeds United? Let me know below…

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  1. these guys enjoy the day out.. drink like nothing ive seen before.. all in great spirit and dont oten casue an issue.

    when you have so many fans travelling to each game of course you will get one or two drunks who casue an issue.. but then again most clubs would do anything to have our away support…. no matter which way you look at it .. 6800 fans to blackburn 3 weeks prior xmas – the game wasnt a big match – its mid season – it shows the loyalty and passion of leeds fans – you cant ignore the fact they have a premiership top four following and some of loudest fans

    • Again, do they actually turn up to their own home games though? Top 4 following? Average attendance is 25,000! There’s no excuse of stay away fans cause of Ken Bates anymore, which is the retort you got over the past few years… empty seats all over Elland Road, it’s the same up and down the country.

      Going to an away game doesn’t make anyone a hero.

  2. Brilliant article. I know a Spanish Real Madrid who doesn’t get what it is to support your local team, and what it is to enjoy the occasion when the football is dire. I shall be sharing this with him. MOT

  3. I were there, poor game, we were average but many teams hate Leeds because of what we’ve achieved, our fans reputation both in numbers and past troubles; and also because they know what we were and what we’ll be again. The new can leave behind ‘one sided’ rivalries with tinpot clubs like Millwall, Huddersfield, Derby and Burnley. Leeds really don’t care about anyone aside from who you mention. I’ll add Spurs to that – I can’t stand them. Good article. MOT

  4. I’ll tell you why people don’t like them, because they are in your face all the time about how many fans they have (Small club in comparison to the likes of Manchester United/Arsenal as I like to remind them). They make themselves hated with their behaviour. I remember when they came to play at Doncaster (My team) the first time, I’d say about 80% of their fans were facing sideways most of the game, taunting our fans rather than watching the game. Reading this article, it sounds like you’ve fallen into their trap. In no world is it acceptable to trash pubs and smash glasses in the name of football. I’m not going to deny I like a few beverages before a game, but I know how to behave responsibly. As individuals Leeds supporters are great (Trust me I know a lot of them living in Doncaster!), but collectively they become complete Wankers!

    • william gallagher

      Your a wanker just for saying when you talk about doncaster you say I know not us when its leeds its them as a whole what about doncaster im sure as a whole their a set a twats

    • Like ya say Donny, leave it there. More Leeds than Donny in Donny says it all. You hate us for that alone.

    • It’s not acceptable to totally smash up a pub but that’s hardly what happened. Think how much money the pub made out of those Leeds fans, think how much replacing a few glasses and fixing a few tables cost them. Do the maths and I’m pretty sure the pub would have them back in a heartbeat.

      • Technically pubs recieve glasses for free when ordering barrels and kegs from a brewery 🙂 MOT!

    • Scott Randall

      I can see you do not watch much football. When you next watch a game on TV and there is a close up of an opposition player taking a corner or free-kick watch the foaming at the mouth hatred displayed by home fans in the vicinity. Unfortunately, it is a part of the ‘modern’ game and I will guarantee you it happens at little ole Donny. The majority of the so ‘angelic’ Donny fans only go to the game when Leeds are in town – how strange is that?

    • The Donny fan is thetypical fan this article is all about, hates leeds coz he is jealous and most of all because he thinks he has to

    • Ur just a town full of leeds fans 🙂

    • Amount of money said pubs make when Leeds are in town more than covers the shortfall of the damage. Mavericks, a Leeds supporters club, prearrange to go to a pub in the location for every match, arrive at 9.30 and get pissed all day. The pub makes enough money on that one day to justify the cost of a special license to be open and serving alcohol at 9.30 am for a whole year.

  5. Brilliant article, Very well wrote.
    Live Leeds, Love Leeds, Proud to be LEEDS!

  6. “Reading this article, it sounds like you’ve fallen into their trap.”
    Reading your response it seems that you’ve fallen into your own trap.
    If indeed we were looking sideways at that Donny game it was only to check whether any of you were actually alive.
    This blogger went out with an open mind, and it wasn’t all rosy. But you, well you can’t get over the prejudice. If only you could all put as much effort into singing, attending, and getting behind your team.

  7. the Donny fan must have sour grapes. Probably because their is more leeds fans in donny

  8. “Several of the more drunk Leeds fans got on this service anyway, despite the fact it was heading in completely the wrong direction.”

    Or fans that live in that direction, I was one of them! There’s loads of us out Lancaster way.

  9. Great article about vocal and loyal support. Most we all have Leeds types have no idea as the the team, the support and the history. The only bit you don’t get and its understandable as I guess you are quite young is that dirty Leeds was a media response to the FA statement concerning Leeds’ disiplinary record when promoted n 1964 (despite it not being the worst), the media and then subsequent followers of fashion continue the mantra, ignoring one of the finest European sides ever in the process. Thank you once again for a well written article, finally the opposition supporters “dirty Leeds scum” chants ringing out across the country have come to confirm to Leeds fans that they all wish they supported a club that didn’t need singing areas and prawn sandwiches.

  10. I love leeds because off our surport its a great day out at away games (I live in Birmingham)

  11. I used to work with a massive Leeds fan. He came into work absolutely steaming one day after going to watch Leeds vs Scarborough the night before in the Johnson’s Paint Trophy. Obviously the higher ups not happy and hauled him into an office. Asked why he was drunk in work, he simply stated ‘Because I am Leeds’.

  12. I spent a couple of hours in the Golden Cup (Next to M56 exit4) before kick-off, packed with about 400 LUFC fans both inside and out, but drink buying time was only a couple of minutes; lots of extra staff behind bar = great atmosphere 🙂 There was no trouble at all in there!

    Shame about the match!

  13. Considering you went to Leeds Uni, you cant of gone out much? On a Saturday in Leeds or in various pubs when premier league footballs on you will see numerous Man utd, Arsenal, Liverpool Chelsea shirts. I bet half the support at Blackburn were not from Yorkshire. Then a good number of the ones who are from little towns like Dewsbury, Halifax, Pontefract, Doncaster, Wakefield, Selby, York, Harrogate etc who like to think they are from Leeds and give it the big un but in reality go back to the small inbred towns that Leeds like to ‘invade’ as you put it. Coventry took more to MK Dons that day but dont let that beat one of the most bias articles i have ever read.

    • Since you appear to have such an in depth knowledge of Leeds knowing whose wearing what shirts etc your knowledge doesn’t spread to the facts
      that none leeds based whites are quite proud of where they are from. As a wakefield white ( by the way it’s a city) and no more in bred than anyone else I luv Leeds and our great away following.

    • Actually they didn’t. Cov took 6700 and leeds took 6813.

      Both fantastic efforts

    • Coventry took a massive away following to mk dons you are absolutely right but that was a rare venture for cov leeds take massive support every time everywhere. The envy of clubs up and down the land. Robbie Keanu once told me that leeds away following used to give him goosebumps

      • Robbie Keane also grew up in Ireland supporting every club hes played for since he was a boy! so i would nt believe anything that fella has to say pmsl

      • This is due to them not having a home ground and their fans are protesting this by going to away games.

    • Two of those little towns are cities you clown and if you dont know which ones that would be wakefield my city and york as in city the football team
      Was that one of coventys home games at mk dons though you gypsies dont even have a stadium anymore
      We are leeds loud and proud

    • Most Man scum fans are from London mate. Leeds Leeds Leeds!!!!

    • Cov did not take more to mk dons,leeds sold 7 k in away seats plus 100’s were in home seats and blackburn fans were complaining,bet the venkys were not complaining.cov are having to play in a dire stadium for home games so going to a nice 1 for a change not far is an easy choice.also leeds has a lot of visitors to the city every weekend for its nightlife and most these sc. Um arsenal and Chelsea shirts to see are not from leeds,not forgetting the uni full of southerners.

    • Wakefield is a city, and a bigger city than that “inbred little town” Coventry

    • Coventry took 500 less not that it makes a difference to the article

    • What s load of bollocks, 47 years in Leeds and always supported them through the good and the bad and in all them years.iv never seen pubs full with supporters of other teams wearing there team colours in Leeds.It just doesn’t happen, it wouldn’t happen in most citys who had only one team they supported.So don’t talk utter shite idiot. .

    • Wakefield is a small inbred city, thankyou. And who else are we supposed to support? I live closer to Elland Road than most of Leeds.

      Also, Coventry took the same number of fans to Milton Keynes (Which is only an hour away, for a team whose fans are boycotting their current “Home Ground”). Could have been more for either team were they allocated more tickets.

    • “Coventry took more to MK Dons that day”

      What about other days? The stats speak for themselves – over a season, Leeds United are at the top of the away fans attendance table in the championship and would be in the top 6 of Prem.

  14. Leeds have supporters in many parts of the country, so we didn’t get on the Preston-bound train because we were drunk. On the day I met Leeds fans from Morecambe, Barrow-in-Furness and Preston itself, for whom a Preston-bound train would not have been going in the ‘wrong’ direction. The rest of the article was good though.

    • A recent survey of football fans in the UK showed that there are MORE Man Utd, Newcastle and Arsenal fans than Leeds! Over the past 3 years I have worked at 4 different offices in different parts of Leeds and there are always MORE Man Utd fans than Leeds fans. It’s the first question that is asked when you start a job and you always hear the Groan of “not another scum fan” when anybody answers Man Utd. The ridicule and abuse Leeds fans give anybody who is not a supporter is beyond the grief of other clubs and the fact that just like believers in God they have blind faith in Leeds United deserving being at the top and in the premier league despite clear evidence to the contrary is why “we all hate Leeds scum”

      Although to be fair, you used to get chased down the street and battered if you dared wear a Utd shirt in public, now you see as many Man Utd shirts as you do Leeds!

      • A Voice

        Nearly everyone claims to support Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea etc, the wear the shirt and talk the talk…….

        But when you ask if they actually go to games it is nearly always the same response……..well er, er NO!

        I once asked a guy waxing lyrically about Man Utd if he went to games……..his response was No, but I have done the Stadium Tour!

        Brilliant – plastic fans, I just love em!

      • a voice,don’t talk sh. It,Newcastle fans are mostly around their own part of country while leeds is around the world.always tell by fan clubs in other country and leeds utd have them all over the world.do your homework 1st,leeds official website is also the 3rd most visited football site in Britain behind Man U and arsenal.even Sunderland up that way have more fans than Newcastle(well known fact)you never see Newcastle shirt down South but always see leeds shirts.

      • well if you weren’t a plastic cunt then maybe you wouldn’t get much deserved abuse. Don’t understand that a football club is about highs and lows, a metaphor for life, and that you stick by your club no matter what. Too busy wanting to associate yourself with success because you fail at everything else you do.

    • Think in the article it was more aimed at the banter on the platform from the other leeds fans – how many other clubs fans do the conga etc when they’ve just watched a shite game and lost?

  15. Brilliant article, being a Leeds fan I sometimes revel in the hatred we get and the taunts. It makes no sense, which makes it funnier. Like most Leeds fans I am fiercely loyal to my club and city. My favourite quote from the article has to be ‘I was starting to realise that the reason so many people hate Leeds is because they aren’t Leeds’. Great, great article.

  16. Was a great day, but I’d like to point out that we knew the train was going to Preston, the minute we arrived there the connecting train to manchester arrived, not so drunk Leeds fans after all 😉

  17. Pity they can’t fill their own stadium for sh*t….!!!!

    • No club does when they are in 2 nd tier even though we have higher ticket prices that Man U under bates so what’s your point?

  18. AFC Bournemouth supporter here, we are one of the few sides with a real reason to dislike Leeds, namely they came down to the south coast and smashed the entire town up, crippling the area for a good amount of time. Not to mention the damage they caused to the stand helped send us on a downward spiral that we’ve only just recovered from.

    • I was there. Great weekend out by the seaside. Thanks for your hospitality 🙂

    • I agree that Bournemouth do have a genuine reason to hate us but are one of the few clubs that do. What happened down there was completely unacceptable but it was a very long time ago. Don’t hold it against the vast majority of Leeds fans who just want to have a good day out and support out team. Unfortunately our reputation always preceeds us and we get more bad press than most other teams. Take what happened at the Wednesday game last season for example. Yes, it was wrong for fans to be on the pitch (and there’s no excuse for what Aaron Cawley did) but the reporting of that game was totally one one sided. And how much publicity has the Swinden fan got who punched the Orient keeper? Some, but nowhere near the amount that we did…

    • Look, I accept that game showed the best and worst of Leeds Utd’s support at that time but it was nearly 25 years ago! I have a feeling AFC Bournemouth and the local hostelries will be more than happy with the away support come a cold, miserable Tuesday night this February.

  19. Always enjoy it when Leeds come to Doncaster, I know lots of Leeds Donny fans and always enjoy having a beer with them. The only embarassment the whole day is listening to rovers fans singing ‘we all eat Lees cum’ wtf is that all about? Soccer Am influenced morons. See you on 14th, ‘we’re all MOODY’ RTID MOT

  20. Bournemouth blaming us for their downfall!You are a cracker mate.yOUR ALLOWED TO SUPPORT A BIG TEAM, GO ON MAKE IT leeds MY OLD CHERRY!

  21. Leeds fans seem to think they are vastly superior as the comments on here prove. The delusion is surreal. Reality is they are currently the laughing stock of English football and have been for a long while. The supporters make the downfall of the club even worst as soon as they win a game they think they are suddenly going back to the glory days. You are not anytime soon, the squad is bang average for that division and they play some of the worst long ball football i have seen. What makes a Leeds fan any more passionate about his club than a Torquay united fan? I didnt realise numbers or how much you drink before a game equates to having great fans or being a big club. Leeds are not a top four club. They have had some good times like many other clubs have in the past. This is probably why a high percentage of Leeds supporters are middle aged out of towners (glory supporters from back in the day). How they think they are comparable or even bigger than clubs like Spurs or Everton is laughable. Ive lived in Leeds most of my life and love the city but the vast majority of its clubs supporters are on cloud cuckoo land.

    • Haha, not wound up much are yer xxxxx

    • Um, We beat Spurs and Everton

    • D,bet you feel better now you got all that sh. It off your chest?bless must be a hudders fan,only they are this bitter.

    • When did Spurs last win the title? or Everton?

      • Don’t be so harsh spurs won the title only the other year………..1961…………..52 years ago

    • “This is probably why a high percentage of Leeds supporters are middle aged out of towners (glory supporters from back in the day).”

      While you may be correct that a large number of us are middle aged, by definition, if we were glory supporters we would not still be supporting the club.

      Marching on Together!!!

  22. Charles Florida

    We have a saying here in the United States. ..” if you have haters then you are doing something right”. Tell them finish drinking their Haterade and shut up. It sounds like Leeds knows what being a fanatic is all about.

  23. Absolutely fantastic article mate,the hairs on my arms were on end reading it.I ve missed all that for the last 10 years after moving to Spain,but you just made me feel i was there with you.Thanx.M.O.T

  24. Daniel Devonport


  25. Love the comments about us being deluded, believe me Leeds fans know exactly what we are and where we are , we just love winding these f@ckers up.

  26. Great to read something so positive about us Leeds fans. I was there on Saturday in the postal order pub and at the station for our trip home . Our day started a 9 am and we dealt with problems with public transport police who try to treat you like idiots but it never gets us Leeds fans down we thrive off it . Fans from other teams are jelous of what we bring to games and only dream of having the same kind of support . MARCHING ON TOGETHER!!

  27. Fantastic article … very well researched and written. So, the “Dirty Leeds” tag. Well, what happened in the Revie era was that Leeds United, a small provincial club (as they were referred to by the London media in those days) came from nowhere, got promotion to the First Division, reached the 1965 FA Cup Final, won the 1968 League Cup and suddenly there was real opposition for the media darlings from Manchester. The press hated the fact that Busby’s team, due to dominate English and European football following their 1968 Euro Cup win, couldn’t live with that great Leeds team. Man Utd found that there was a new kid on the block, and the following season Leeds won their first title. Instead of ruling football, Busby’s team began to unravel over the next few seasons as Liverpool joined in with Leeds, culminating in the early retirement of Best and relegation at the hands of Man City in 1974, when Leeds won their second title.

    The Man Utd loving media despised Leeds for upsetting the apple cart, and so the only thing they could do was use their poison pens and branded Leeds United as “Dirty Leeds”, easy bit of mud to sling that stuck. You see, the thing about that Revie team was they could match you and beat you any way they needed to. If you turned up and decided to play football, they would pass you off the park. If you decided to get stuck in and kick and scratch, they would front up and out muscle you. You chose the battle and they would beat you, regardless. Look at Wenger’s Arsenal over the past few seasons, teams like Bolton simply roughed them up and Arsenal wilted. Not the Revie team – rough them up and they’d give it back.

    Excellent players like Bremner, Hunter and Giles were branded as thugs, yet all they did was fight for the ball. Every team had its share of hard men – Liverpool had Tommy Smyth to name one, Derby a certain McKay, and of Chelsea had the notorious Ron “Chopper” Harris, a player who delighted in his inability to trap a ball but “skilled” at maiming opponents. In fact, he is still proud of whacking ten bells out of Eddie Gray in the 1970 FA Cup Final Replay, claiming to this day that his thuggish actions “won the Cup for Chelsea”.

    So, a jealous Man Utd loving media branded Leeds United, and the tag “Dirty Leeds” was picked up by fans across the country who believed whatever the papers wrote. Yes, there was the hooligan element during the dark days, but that was a widespread social issue that affected all clubs. Today Leeds fans simply shrug and smile when referred to as Dirty Leeds, because they know the truth. Thankfully the writer of this article has seen fit to write honestly about his experience. The fact that he chose an away day with 7000 Leeds fans is even more to his credit. It showed him the real Leeds. Maybe one day people will recognise what a fantastic team Revie built, and what a credit they were to the English game. Two European trophies won in that era was some achievement for a small club from the provinces. Today they are still a massive club, just not a TOP club, but surely Leeds will return to the Prem and add their flavour to it, for the Prem really needs this great club back in the fold.

    • !00% spot on. The media needs an enemy as without conflict there is no story to tell, they made Leeds The enemy and now we are still The Story

  28. Have to admit TSE1231 that Bournemouth more than others should hold a grudge after 1989, but you can’t have any kind of moral high ground after forming some poxy Ultra’s (friends forever) alliance with Galatasary

  29. Great article maybe more people should come and spend a weekend in our city and experience
    What all the fuss is about great city great team fantastic night out whether your 21 or 61 !!!!

  30. I work with a Doncaster fan, sheff united and a Man U fan who actually goes believe it or not and they all say as much as they hate us they wish there support was even a little like ours when we go away! And that is why they all hate us because they know we can’t be matched

  31. People hate Leeds fans because they are, what they would like to be like themselves.

  32. We all love leeds

  33. The article by Billy’s Statue is right on the money!! The Daily Mirror printed in Manchester used to give Leeds a couple of inches on the sports pages even though we were involved in most of the important games at the time. That paper did more damage this side of the Pennines than any other at the time. People my age remember it all too well and will never forgive… Leeds fan from Leeds.

  34. Mark (Burnley-white)

    Great day out as its my 2nd shortest away game! set off on the train from burnley central couldn,t believe how many leeds fans got onto the train from burnley Accrington and the rest of the stations on the way to millhill other fans hate us cos they just can,t get there head round why we love our club so much whilst they let us down week in week out! gutted we lost but proud to be one of the 7k leeds fans at ewood. onwards and upwards looking forward to Donny away and then hopefully a bit of serious activity in the transfer window.. ONANAN

  35. Absolutely loved the article and love Leeds, Best support in the land, always have always will be.. MOT

  36. To be completely honest, I really dont care that people hate us – indeed i`d rather stand alone, apart from the others than be someone`s best pal or 2nd fave team. You are either one of us or irrelevant to us. I`ve followed us when we were 5-1 down at Shrewsbury and also 4-1 away at Anderlecht plus anywhere else in between. No, I dont come from Leeds but have now moved there simply to engross myself in the family that is Leeds United. I`m not a glory hunter, nor a plastic fan, having had a season ticket for over 26 years since i started working (46 now). I know i am part of something special & yawn when I hear the old `we all hate……` nonsense strike up yet again from some no mark, tinpot so called rival.

    Oh, but if m** u** are so not interested in us can you hear this self same song and other doctored to include our name in them being such at the laughably named theatre whenever the TV cameras drop by?

  37. Figures for 2012/13
    Total supporters with banning orders in England:
    Leeds come 3rd
    Total supporters given new banning orders:
    Leeds come 2nd
    Total arrests:
    Leeds come 3rd
    Average attendance:
    Leeds come 25th
    That’s why all other teams hate Leeds. They don’t love to hate them, they just hate them. The fans behave badly often becoming violent. And the inappropriate songs aren’t new either. Anyone remember the Munich tribute “Who’s that dying on the runway?”. And no I’m not a Man Utd fan before anyone suggests it. There’s only two games I won’t take my son to away from home, Millwall and Leeds.

    • im pretty sure teams on the same level as us like everton, villa, spurs etc’s attendences would drop if they played championship football, wait till leeds get back in the prem, be at lowest in the top ten.. LEEDS ARENT WE

      • Munich songs how long ago did you hear that (which by the way was never acceptable)? Your kid must be 30 at least and not need Daddy to hold his hand when watching footy. But I take it you are not offended when teams sing despicable songs about murdered Leeds fans. Take your pick from any number of clubs! Get a life! Why did you even read this article if you hate us so much! Jealousy shows in so many different ways.

    • DB

      The banning order figures for Leeds are high because Leeds United Football Club and the West Yorkshire Police take the matter seriously.. If other clubs and Police Forces acted in the same positive manner we would see the real state of banning orders.

      I have no time for the thug element but every club has them, including everyone’s favourite – Liverpool, but hey don’t mention Heysel!

    • I have to agree that Millwall fans are disgusting. I sat with their home fans in November 2012 to watch Leeds and asa mature man, I was embarrassed for the mums and dads in that stand who had their young children with them.

  38. I hate LEEDS because I am from London & their fans are foul mouthed & abusive.
    Anyone for tennis?

  39. Fantastic article! Leeds fan from Edinburgh and the trips are something else! People wonder why I picked Leeds as my team…..simple answer, they have one of the best fans in the world! The loyalty is incredible! MOT

  40. A good article on Leeds United, i enjoyed it
    We are hated for the simple reason we are supporters NOT just fans.
    It was a cruel blow when we dropped two tiers in the league and wasnt helped by bates taking over and running us into the ground but those days are behind us now.
    If you look back at the attendances when we were in effectively in the third division we showed our support like Yoevil we took 3000 supporters. Some of the other games had premiere size crowds and thats a passion to support our team which isnt shown at other clubs.
    I honestly believe if we had bigger stands at Elland rd we’d fill them, there is that much support.
    Heres to Leeds getting back to where we belong, AT THE TOP.

  41. The Leeds fans are not Dirty, not hard, not clever, not talented, not funny. They are just scum.

    I live in Leeds, and I hate Leeds Utd, I live near the ground and wear my Liverpool Top with pride.

    Went to. Liverpool Vs Leeds game ( a few years back now) and I heard dozens of scum shouting “break his legs, break his fucking legs”. I took my mother who is a 100% Leeds fan to the game and she came away disgusted with the language.

    But all in all, my hatred for the club, my mothers upset at the no needed language.

    I have to say, the fans can sing, and even though the numbers are lesser now than 2004. They still make a good 12th Man.

    Fair play to Leeds fans for sticking by the team. Just stop trying to be scum. And try to watch a good game, and out sing you opponents with classy songs, not just sounding like a zoo.

  42. Great article, check out my website at bearvilleismykryptonite.wordpress.com!

  43. I apologise to anonymous above. I didn’t realise that I shouldn’t be reading the above article as I’m not a Leeds fan.

    I’ll disappear and leave you all to your deluded back-slapping.

    PS – I’m 31 and I have heard the Munich song in person. Glad you agree that it’s not acceptable though.

    • DB

      Have you also heard the Galatasary song?

      The FA inspired 2 minutes silience for all and sundry but not former England Manager Don Revie?

      And you wonder why some Leeds fans react as they do!

    • I’ve been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)

  44. The voice your comments about Arsenal and Man United having more fans than Leeds United is laughable. Yes they do currently have more fans but this is only due to the differnece in times. I currently work in Africa and see Manchester United tops everywhere until Manchester City won the title then the change happened all last year the only shirts you could see were sky blue. My point is that other countries around the world don’t have the loyalty towards a club like we do and if the internet would have been as big in the 60s and 70s as it is now all you would have seen around the world would have been Leeds shirts. Now climb back into your arm chair and enjoy which ever team you support from the comfort of your own home.

  45. Re pub damage:

    I was part of a rugby team coming back from a game in London – full team, reserves, supporters – on a Wednesday evening. We stopped at a quiet pub in the western suburbs, near the Thames. So, 40-50 people in a place that normally had half a dozen on a Wednesday night. We drank, sang, drank, danced, drank, broke glasses, drank, stood on tables, drank…..you get the idea. It was very, very similar to the scene in the article although with less people. We caused a bit of damage (glasses, a couple of chairs and tables, gallons of beer on the floor), unfortunately, but like the fans we were good-natured and spent a massive amount of money, way more than they probably took on a Saturday,

    But because we were a Union team it was all high-jinks and fun. Had we been a coach of Leeds fans (or indeed any other football team) doing exactly the same thing the police would have been called, if we’d even have been allowed in. Sad but true.

  46. I think many teams hate Leeds because of the often egotistical rubbish they spout about being the greatest. My personally hatred stems from supporting an opposing Yorkshire side. I do however agree they have great tradition.

  47. Can anyone explain to me why there is not a benefit in the idea to reduce ticket prices, fill Elland Road for every home game and reap the benefits in food, drink, programs etc? Also create a fortress atmosphere that would surely win a few nip and tuck games over the season?

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